Is masturbating a part of us or is it just a thing that ‘teenage boys do?


‘Cheki huyu Mathe ananitaka na mi si rika yake!’ ‘Mi ni kijani Mathe, tafuta rika yako’,shouted a makanga  to a woman who was alighting from a matatu. I was standing at the Rongai AGIP bus station. I had stood there for hours waiting for a Rongai ‘Nganya’ but it was getting late; dusk was giving […]

Let me tell you the story about a girl called Lydia. I met her recently… I know her but she does not know me. Lydia is a tall dark skinned girl in her late 20’s.  When I met her, she was in a cheap navy blue office suit and matching doll shoes which made her […]

They once said to me…. ‘”If you could cram Mathematics the same way you cram Music lyrics then maybe… ” Source: Cramming Maths to Learn Music

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One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple. — Jack Kerouac As writers, words are our tools. The goal of any story, essay, or poem is to express something to the reader. If we choose words that are flimsy and vague, the story loses…