Bye Bye Blog-ginity

First I should explain that the main reason I started a blog was to share my thoughts and opinions. The other reasons are too materialistic to list on my first blog post.

Here is How it Went Down…


I used WordPress to create my blog. I chose WordPress because I have used it before therefore I know my way around it plus I have heard a some good reviews from bloggers here and there. Other tools you can use to create a blog are Blogpost and Tumblr… Look them up!


I chose a free theme. I decided not to invest in a premium theme until the blog picked up. (By picking up I mean; establishing a readership and a consistency in publishing posts.) I can’t wait to start customizing.


I had the name for a while now, kinda like how girls have baby names for their unborn kids figured out before conception.

I wanted a name that will represent and describe me and since I am African plus I hold such strong opinions about the African potentiality. I chose a name that is based on an African theme.

A name which describes the texture of my hair and my locus… Nappy Nairobian!

With this name I am not limited to writing specialized themes for my site. Example, I can write a political piece today and a fashion piece tomorrow.


I take horrible pictures so while picking the theme of my blog; I went for something less visual but with inviting text format. (not yet settled on the theme)

Some bloggers hire professional photographers… (Can’t take the heat?..) but if you can capture wanders using your camera phone; you should go for it!

Social Media

Facebook is my favorite social media. As much as I love expressing myself; Twitter for me is full of noise… It’s advised to create accounts for every social media so that you can share with people on every platform of their preference.


It could be anything and it could be anywhere. My inspiration for this article was the challenges I went through while clicking, searching for tips to make my blog… The Blog!  Tomorrow, it will be something else… That’s the fun of life!

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