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This is your weekly blogging tips brought to you by a beginner blogger; from a beginner’s point of view.

In case this is your first time visiting this page (or blog) you should knows that I am a beginner blogger for the 3rd time. My first blog was a class project so I handled it the same way I did my Maths test – bored and uninterested!

The second blog was a bit more personal and I named it African Tells Tales. It was supposed to be an African themed blog but it died as soon as it was born!

Nappy Nairobian is my 3rd blog. I still haven’t quite figured out my way around blogging. Hence I have dedicated a category under my blog to update you on every single little new thing I learn on how to better the blogging experience or how to make the most of out it.

Since Julius Yego learned how to throw a javelin stick through YouTube, who knows how much we can learn online. So follow me as I try to decode blogging.


  1. Finding a theme for my blog.

As mentioned in an earlier post I settled for a free theme for now. Future plans will include investing in a theme but that will only materialize if I attract a readership and gain a consistency in publishing post. (2016 resolutions!)

  1. Selecting an editorial theme

I get bored easily…

One of the reasons African Tells Tales (my 2nd blog) blog failed was because it was so hard for me to find fresh content. I envisioned it to be a reliable source of African folk tales but turns out such information is sourced from the elderly and it required a lot of resources (that I didn’t have) to achieve.

Then I thought ‘Why not come up with urban African  stories?’… Well, that’s still cooking and you can view one of the fictional stories I published here. Clearly I got bored!

With Nappy Nairobian I want to try something different…


  1. Social media pages

The simplest page to create was a Face book page. (Like it here). Then I created a twitter page and I guess thanks to my Gmail account I have a Google + page.

  1. Target Audience

Judging from this article I have somehow decided who one my target audience is…  It should be beginner bloggers or bloggers in general. Future plans include; coming up with more content and capture a different kind of audience.

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