Cramming Maths to Learn Music

tHey once said to me…. ‘”If you could cram Mathematics the same way you cram Music lyrics then maybe… ”


I learnt at a very young age that I was smart… Smarter than most people I knew. I noticed that in class it took less explanation from my teacher for me to grasp stuff as compared to some of my classmates.

I was not poor in Mathematics when ‘they’ dropped this life changing line to me. It’s just that I was very good at cramming Music lyrics… very good I must add.

Lyric Book

I had a lyric book neatly covered with a brown kraft paper; the cover was calligraphed by only the best from our class in different ink colours and I waited every Sunday to cut out weekly music lyrics that were printed on the Sunday Nation paper back then. At times if I heard a song I liked, I would write down the lyrics by myself just to add to my collection.

Back then I was the guru who ended lyric fights among my peers; “No Naserian, you are wrong” I would say… “Ace of Base sang… ‘it’s like a wheel of fortune’” … “That jiberish you are singing is not part of the song”.

And Naserian would stand corrected and eat from my lyric plate hence forth.

Everyone who cared for me noticed my investment in the Music Industry; they acknowledged my memory’s potential and they wished I could apply it in more important situations such as… Maths.

Must I Maths?

Mathematics was not my problem it was just a necessity for me to excel in exams or whatever they claimed Maths was useful for. Remember when your mum forced you eat even though you were not hungry? Now picture that and compare it to the days when you were hungry and found mum preparing chicken stew!

That’s how much Music meant to me. I was hungry for music and music was my bowl of chicken stew. I still Google music lyrics and read them like they were lines to my favourite poem. I read music lyrics as if they were written solely for me. Maths was a pass time but I had to understand it.

Where Am I Now

Two weeks ago Rihanna’s Album ‘Anti’ came out and as I blog I have already gathered interesting facts about the album, I can sing along to most of the songs and I simply love it. What some term as ‘useless information’ is what gives me psyche to face another day and lucky for me I have met people who share the same interest; People who enjoy having an argument about the pronunciation of Rihanna’s latest album… That gives me peace.

Music never got me a career nor a good grade in school but it did change my life. It gave me peace.

Thanks to ‘their’ remarks and comments I learnt that I was not only smart but also incapable of just been ‘interested’ in something because I am  more of the ‘obsessive type’.

I would go to the moon and the back for something I love. I would learn Mathematics if it will justify why I need to learn my lyrics.  I found x, passed my exams and my father was so proud of me that he got me both Necessary Noise and E-sir’s album. Maths didn’t stop me! 


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