Politeness Killed My Creativity

I am glad to announce that finally I came up with category tittles for Nappy Nairobian!

Here they are:

  • Music
  • Poems
  • Nappy Tips- Blogging tips
  • Lifestyle

If this is your first time on this page or blog; you should know that I yap about my blogging experience once in a while in hope that it will someday assist some alien out there.

So, something as little as coming up with categories for my blog is exciting because it will help me organise my editorial theme. In a previous post, I described my confusion in selecting an editorial theme for my blog and these new categories will help me put my thoughts in perspective.

The categories are all about things I love and care for. During my research I Goggled ‘How to find inspiration while blogging’ and I came across a blogger who advised against blogging about ‘unpopular subjects that only you love and care about’.

It got me thinking… What are the…

Unpopular Stuff I Care About

Indie rock: No big fun base in Kenya

Elephants and pandas


The Black Supremacy: Who am I kidding? This is popular within my circles

Popular Stuff that I don’t care about


Terms and Conditions Page

The list goes on.

What I learned

To be a good writer one must read.

Millennials can’t read long articles: We have no time! We can’t even stand a 4mins video… It’s too long!

I might have more than 3 blogs out there: Motherless blogs!

My friends also blog: Click here to view one of my pals’ blog.

A photographer is a necessity -(Have you seen my images!)

What I Have Unlearned

The love for money- Creativity has no price tag: Just because you are not making money out of it does not mean you are less creative.

Politeness: Politeness makes me less adventurous while writing.

Curious About

How to make money from blogs: I will tell you how this research goes.

Underground blogs: I will provide you with links to my favourite under rated blogs in the future.


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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Congratulations Girlfriend on the blogging journey. Look forward to hearing from you as learn or have learnt stuff from you.


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