Your Mboch Has Feelings Too

A video of a house girl masturbating on a couch was recently leaked to the tabloids. The video was shot by a secret nanny cam planted in a living room. The tabloids had a field day with the headlines throwing around words like ‘nunu’ and eventually click baiting ‘ratchet news lovers’ like me.

As I watched, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the house girl who was definitely embarrassed by the viral video. It did not seem fair to me that her employer leaked such an intimate of her.

Nanny cams have in the past brought to light atrocious deeds done by house helps when they think that no one is watching which is a good thing. An example is the video of the house help who peed in her employer’s food or that house help who physically abused a kid – such events should be exposed but the masturbating thing is a little too much.

If the infamous house help was taking her job seriously and watching over the kids properly she should not be condemned for masturbating. Hypothetically, if she worked for me and I happened to watch this video from my secret cameras, I would have called her aside and explained it to her why it is disgusting to rub her sexual parts on a couch that my family and I seat on and I’d advise her to do it from her room.  The most I’d do is end her employment but leaking her video to the tabloids is taking it to another level of evil. That’s the kind of stuff that can push people to helplessness and may even result to suicidal thoughts.

Is masturbating a crime?

Although we don’t talk about it openly masturbating is a part of us. It’s not just a thing that ‘teenage boys do’, it is a thing that people do to cope with sexual frustrations and at this age and time of deadly STI’s it might be one of the healthiest option. Wapi Team Yellow Pages? Wapi Team Vaseline?

When does your house help get laid?

Most house helps in Kenya do not have off days, they only get relieved from their duties during public holidays or religious holiday. So, they spend days and months in a dry spell, they are not allowed to flirt with the watchman, neighbor nor the employer’s looser relatives who crash in… Can you imagine the kind of sexual frustration that they go through? Most employers have unrealistic expectations that house helps should not ‘give it up’ and if they do they compromise their competence.

When planning your house help’s working schedule you should factor in such simple things such as a day off! She might just need it to get some. Plus stop over reacting when catch her flirting with the watchman or shamba boy, act more like an employer and less like the father of a daughter trying to protect her from preying men- usimkalie sana. Make it clear that you don’t want your house turned in to a brothel but if she badly wants to get laid, she can go get it, that way you will have control as well as maintain some sanity in your household.

Considering how squeezed the rooms in most Nairobi apartments are you might be frustrating your house help with your noisy healthy sex life. Fact is sex makes us happy, it’s a way of relieving stress and we need it from time to time. Let’s stop embarrassing people because they choose to tend to their desires.


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